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Lancer Band Alumni

We all know the signs of Marching Band withdrawal. Your band jacket hangs in the closet, gathering dust. Your band shirt lies wrinkled in your dresser. You don't wear these things, but you just can't bare to part with them. Each fall comes, and you miss the excitement of the field show competitions and being a member or supporter of this world-class organization. The darkest months are from October through November when you remember how much fun it was to ride on those long bus rides, endure never-ending practices and stand in those long lines for food.

While counting these band benefits, you decide you really do miss it, and you want to be involved. But, you don't know what to do. You've lost or tossed your old band rosters. Well, they'd probably be useless anyway because everyone else on the roster doesn't know what's going on as well. So, you keep wondering year after year, "whom do I contact to get back in with the Lancer Band?"

Well, relax, the cure is here! The Lancer Band is building a new roster of former band members and boosters who want to keep informed about the Lancer Band's activities, and we'd like to add you to the list. Just fill out our Alumni Survey, and we'll keep you informed of future band activities and how you can help out.


For additional information, please contact the band office at (805) 379-0437.